Friday, January 15

Good Marketing is an Efficiency Choice for startups

For startups we have to look for maximum impact by the marketing effort. The key is Efficiency. How much ROI can u get from the single rupee spend.

Site with Brilliant Effective Marketing

This site wanted more new registrations. How can we do that ?

"Create Artificial Scaricity".

Designers of this site have carefully positioned it as "Request Invite" instead of just one common "Register" for all users.

Actual Previous Registered Users may be very less (lets say 50  but no one knows that)

Now all the other users feels insecure for not being part of this Exclusive Club because entry is Invite only.

In normal case with just one "Register" button in the site, it may have lost most users who have visited the site but for "Request Invite" case  most users would definetley hurry to be the part of  the invitation list.

This is a  simple brilliant design to route more users to the targeted action. "Registration"

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