Monday, June 4

How to set Google as default search engine in Internet Explorer

Microsoft has made it really difficult for people using ie8 or ie9 in setting Google as their default search engine.
Follow these simple steps:
  1. Open your Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to this link
  3. Click on "Add to Internet Explorer".
  4. Check the ''Make this my default search provider" option.
  5. Click on "Add" button.
Now Google is set as  default search engine.

Add Google Add-on to Internet Explorer

Make this my default search provider

+ UPDATE on 30-07-2012

Some have complained that they are still not able to see Google search Addon. 

Please access this link and click on "Switch Now!" .

set google as default search

 For More Add-ons in IE, please refer to this link .


  1. Nope, M$ disabled that simple method. Now it goes to a gallery where you have to pick out the one you want. No wonder people hate MS.

    1. The link is still functioning, may be its the region from where your using is blocking it out.

  2. This pisses me off so badd I want to shoot my computer! Fu(k
    BING and their terrorist traits' if we all boycott MSN mabe they will let us use the search engine we wan't I Got a pile of zip folders full of worms' , and ??? other things' that'l
    teachem a lesson! But I'm a GOOD GUY AND WON"T DO IT (YET)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Try this method using Google's homepage - read topic @!topic/websearch/GgC4w4E5nGE

    In summary, go to and click the big button, then tick the 'make this my default' as shown above.

  4. I don't want - it returns search results in the local language of the cumputer - I'm in Egypt and it gives me Arabic, ordered Right to Left!

    I want as my search provider which forces the results into English.

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