Monday, July 20

Ouch! High Salary can Hurt Me!

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The Story from Employee's Point of View

Its a great joy to work in a place that you are passionate about.

When we join a new company, we are actually both excited and curious to know

  • "How is to work here?"
  • Experience new Culture
  • Meet new people
  • Explore new work place
  • Learn new things
  • New Responsibilities
This is a great time for us, but overtime this joy wont last and you would feel 
  • Its a Boring place
  • Same old people
  • Relatively same Responsibilities
  • Nothing new to learn
  • Same old Customs and Pratices
  • Very Mechanical
Overtime everything becomes opposite of what u felt when you joined. You are no longer motivated to work in that place and you want to migrate to a new company. Ahh! now is the time when High Salary is going to cause you pain. 

If you are receiving high salary then opportunities for a new job is scarce. If you salary is well above the market price then you are going to find it very difficult to bag a job opening. 

High Salary will become the transparent chain enslaving you to do the miserable work.

From Employers point of View

What a great weapon, if we want skilled people to work for us.

For a business to sustain, customers must trust in the service or goods provided. To build the best quality service or goods, we need highly skilled people. Skilled people will find it easy to transition to another company. This is one of the big problem the employers face 'Attrition'. Losing a key employee, will slow or stop the development or business process. To replace the key employee, with the right candidate takes some time and money.
  • Time and Cost to find similarly skilled person
  • Time and Cost to train the domain knowledge
  • Time to get accustomed with the Company Customs and Practices
This time lost to replace a key employee will hurt the business  and its brand very badly.

A employer is afraid to bid for a tender or sign a new business contract  because he is worried what if the key employees migrate to another company during the development phase or later during the support phase. The employer can sleep peacefully only when he knows that his key employees are not going to migrate anywhere. For employers, the human is the only emotional and unpredictable resource needed in the production. So the best tool he has in his arsenal is High Salary.

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