Saturday, October 25

The Web Developer's must have Tool - Firebug

Without Firebug i wouldn't have learned the HTML, CSS, Javascript or the working of Web very quickly.

Firebug is a add-on that is available with  firefox browser and a firefox-lite with chrome.

So what is so great about the Firebug? 

1.  Firebug lets you inspect each HTML elements (like <a>, <div>, <table> ...) and when you inspect the element then the element, its margin, padding, border gets highlighted.

2. On inspecting a element, you can also the view the CSS used to style that part. You can also manipulate and tweak the css to view the result on the fly.

3. To see what all resources are loaded when a page is requested.To find out the time taken and the order in which the resource is loaded. To find out the status, url, domain, ip, size and Header info.

4. To debug JavaScript, to trace the stack flow of the script, to break the script and inspect the DOM and other elements at that time.

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