Saturday, June 21

Eclipse IDE Shortcuts

1.   System.out.println();

syso + Ctrl + Space

2.  Toggle Comment

Ctrl + Shift + C

3.  Run Application

Ctrl + F11

4.  Import all packages

Ctrl + Shift + O

5.  Auto Complete

Ctrl + Space

6. Generate Getter and Setter

Ctrl + Shift + G

But this shortcut is not default one, so you have to set it in eclipse.

Steps to map a command to desired key combination:
  1. Goto 'Windows' menu -> 'Preferences' ->'General' -> 'Keys'
  2. In 'type filter text', type 'getter'
  3. Select command 'Generate Getters and Setters'
  4. Below in 'Binding' field, press CTRL + SHIFT + G
  5. In 'When' selection below, select 'In Windows'
  6. Click 'Apply'.
  7. If in any case there shows Conflicts then either unbind the old one or change your key combo.
  8. Click 'OK'

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